Diwali… All Fun Frolic and Festivity

Crackers bursting, Lanterns, Candles, Sweetmeats, a family get together is the best way to start the holidays this Diwali! From young kids to the elderly people, everybody loves Diwali! For me Diwali has been a different occasion all together. Away from home, residing in my dorm, I dream of this day as a get together of my family. But since the college has been so kind to give me a day’s off, I’m unable to travel home. So I decide to celebrate this festival in the college campus.

Like every year, there are some mad juniors who always want to start the festivities a week before Diwali. They give the hostel warden a run for his money. Chasing these fools up and down all over the campus would really make someone lose a fraction, of their weight (speaking metaphorically). Childlike behaviour is tolerable to some limits. It is said,” There is a child hidden in every single person,who wants to play.” I believe that one day these children would soon rise up and become leaders of the world. This innocent youth should last till it does! It brings a smile on everyone’s face.

Come Diwali, everyone is dressed in his/her best. Pretty ladies and handsome men, all in traditional clothing, get together and pray to the Almighty to bless them with good health,wealth and fortune. The whole surrounding is lit up with colorful lighting, diyas(lamps), and firecrackers. It symbolises the triumph of good(light) over evil(darkness). Our college is also lit up with the enormous lighting. Teachers usually meet up at celebrate the occasion with a little firecrackers and “Diwali Mubarak Ho!”.

I on the other hand decide to stay away from the firecrackers. The pollution caused in all this festivity can actually be seen from satellites hovering around the earth. Its been a long time since I’ve burst crackers on Diwali and I plan to keep it that way. A day will come when people finally realize that the world has become unstable because of all the pollution caused by such festivals. Till then I’d like to say “Have a great Diwali with your family! Date a Pataka(hindi slang for a pretty girl)(literally meaning firecracker) Don’t Burst one!” 😉 Enjoy the long Vacation! 😀


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